Has Been Hacked!

About the Hack
About the Restore

INTRODUCTION: was recently hacked with a compromise that is common on sites hosted on Modwest. While a new site is being restored on a different web host, SiteGround, you may be interested to read more about the hack on our Facebook Page. Also, you will see changes to this static site over time while we post about how to create a new WordPress site. Watch the discussion about the hack, the temporary static site and the new WordPress site on our Facebook page.


In the last episode, there was a problem with the addressing of the temporary site. The address started with https which requires a valid secure certificate, which seemed to be that of another site. That problem has mysteriously cleared up, but how did I get there?

When you are rebuilding a website, but there is a live site in existence, you need to build under a temporary address. There are two ways to have a temporary address on shared hosting 1) use another domain name, 2) access the site through a temporary address provided by the web host.

In this particular situation, both methods are in play. 1) Some years ago, I registered to use as a testing server. So, the new site can be reached by that address, 2) SiteGround hosting offers a Access Site by IP option, as shown in the screenshot. I believe I used that button, so, I'm not sure why the secure certificate error showed, but is gone now.

In any case, I can move on with the site restore.