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About the Hack
About the Restore

INTRODUCTION: was recently hacked with a compromise that is common on sites hosted on Modwest. While a new site is being restored on a different web host, SiteGround, you may be interested to read more about the hack on our Facebook Page. Also, you will see changes to this static site over time while we post about how to create a new WordPress site. Watch the discussion about the hack, the temporary static site and the new WordPress site on our Facebook page.

Montana Webmaster site hacked

Am I running around in a panic? Nope! I have a load of laundry started on a mechanical washing machine that can't be hacked. And, I've taken a shower. And, I've made some posts, and checked my email on one account.

But, what did I do about the hacked site. Well, first I'm so glad that the hackers let me know through a Facebook message or I wouldn't have been able to get a screenshot before the web host took the site down. So, as I promised, here is what my site looked like starting yesterday evening, based on the file date of the file that created this home page.

So, the first step was taking screenshots! I wouldn't want you all to miss out on the fun!