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  • Within any industry, there are many types of websites. But, in all cases, to be competitive, regular content updates are critical to being found in the search engines.

How Use Cases Lead to a Customer Friendly Organizations

Each of the people who interact with you represent a different use case in that they each need a different mix of services and accommodations.
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Understanding and Using Timestamps

What Is a Timestamp? A timestamp is a value that generally includes year, month, day, hour, minute and second and time zone. Timestamps can show...
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Strategic Use of Meta Title Tags, Page Titles and Permalinks

Meta Tags, Page Titles and Permalinks: they aren't the same. Their jobs have subtle differences. One-size-fits-all works, but like clothes this strategy is more easy...
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Does a Bad Website = A Bad Company?

A bad manager once told me, "Perception is everything." This was a man who lied a lot ... at someone else's expense to benefit himself....
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Why I Don’t Recommend WordPress Themes Not Listed in

Most of the sites I have worked on use themes from the WordPress respository ( But, I have had a few scattered experiences with themes...
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Is it a Hack, or is it a Bug?

When something goes wrong on your website, it's difficult to tell whether the problem is whether something is broken due to a technical error or  due to a malicious action.
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A Different Marketing Approach

There are many different structures for organizations, and each structure needs a different marketing mix, based on goals and resources available.
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PayPal is a Fair Weather Friend

Now, the simple Buy Now button is deprecated, ie. in the garbage can. What has replaced it?
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JSON Is Like a Package on a FedEx Truck

There is the data being transferred, and then there is what wraps the data for protection and to get it to the right place.
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