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When Google Search Console Helps You Find a Hacked Site
This showed up in a client's Google Search Console "%3C?php%20bloginfo('comments_rss2_url');%20?%3E" Find out what it means.
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Fighting the WordPress Core
A user interface should not be sending you hunting all over the software!
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When Images Cause a Noisy Clamor
Website viewers need a place to focus on when they first arrive at the site. Generally, that place will be an image, and it needs...
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Reference Library: Threaded v. Asynchronous
THREADED VS ASYNCHRONOUS: THEY ARE JUST WORKFLOW MODELS FOR COMPUTERS Resource 1: https://eloquentjavascript.net/11_async.html Resource 2: https://codewala.net/2015/07/29/concurrency-vs-multi-threading-vs-asynchronous-programming-explained/ How to "work smarter, not harder" lies in controlling...
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It’s Not ALL Cookin’ Time
Sometimes, it's clean up time! And sometimes it's knowin' what to keep and what to throw away.
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Starting a new MontanaWebmaster.com Site
I'm switching web hosts from Modwest to SiteGround. Considering how many clients I have made this move for, I am very, very late in doing...
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When Different Understandings Cause Confusion
It's easy for miscommunication and different understandings to cause quite a lot of confusion. I experienced that this morning. When I go to Portland, I...
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