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Why Doesn’t Anyone Share my Posts?

A client once expressed frustration that no one was sharing her social media posts about her new business. But, she didn't share either.
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Understanding and Using Timestamps

A timestamp is a value that generally includes year, month, day, hour, minute and second and time zone. Timestamps can show up in quite a few formats.
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Does a Bad Website = A Bad Company?

A bad manager once told me, "Perception is everything." This was a man who lied a lot ... at someone else's expense to benefit himself....
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Why I Don’t Recommend WordPress Themes Not Listed in

Most of the sites I have worked on use themes from the WordPress respository ( But, I have had a few scattered experiences with themes...
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Is it a Hack, or is it a Bug?

When something goes wrong on your website, it's difficult to tell whether the problem is whether something is broken due to a technical error or  due to a malicious action.
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Why Google Can’t “Read” your Images

GRAPHICS: A seeing person can generally understand a well chosen photo, and understand it's relevance to the topic. But, if you have a photo of a sailboat on Flathead Lake, what is the meaning of that sailboat to the page it's on? Even if Google can tell it's a sailboat, can Google get meaning from the image of the sailboat? It's all in the words!
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