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  • Animal and pet websites are a great opportunity to provide information without printing handouts.

Should You Combine Those Two Sites?

Many of my clients have had multiple sites, and have had to decide whether or not to combine the two sites into one. There is no one answer.
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“I’m Going to Make them Call Me” and Household Appliances

I'm Going to Make them Call Me and household appliances I thought I would try the Cuisinart food process that sits neglected on our kitchen...
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When Images Cause a Noisy Clamor

When a site has too many images, the images cause confusion, instead of being helpful.
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Reference Library: Threaded v. Asynchronous

How to "work smarter, not harder" lies in controlling the work flow. It is also an important software issue.
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Potato Essay

The following is written by a 10-year-old author. I believe that this is her first paid writing gig. Hopefully, there will be plenty more to come!
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Case Study: A Google Sheets Project

Reviewing issues with setting up macros for a Google Sheet project for a small non-profit.
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