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… especially when your business activities are difficult to photograph.

My first banner test failed in a big way. The photo had two major components I needed: a variety of people and computers. But the photo was too tall and it really didn’t say anything.

Some businesses are easy to illustrate with an image. For a restaurant, you can take photos of the restaurant, or photos of the food. But web development, like many other services, isn’t so easy to describe in a photo.

What iconic images could I use?
– Small business people
– Computers
– Images of client websites
– Abstract images

I tell my clients that it’s important for their images to communicate something specific. So, instead of first focusing on the search for an image, I need to define what my message is. I think that the message I would like to communicate is that no matter what your business is, you should take some time to understand the function  of a website.

I can find quite a few images that, individually, are clear representations of small businesses. But how to do that with one image? I tried the image shown below, but it’s just too busy. And, there is no clean message.

But, how to get the message across about learning to understand your website? Will I have to do that with text?

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