The purpose of this page is to help you understand how Montana Webmaster works with you on your website project. It’s secondary purpose is to help you decide whether Montana Webmaster is the best fit for you. My overall goal for your website is that it is secure, easy to use, and easy to find. My overall goal for you is that you understand how your website works and learn to manage as much of the work in-house as what you have time to do.

  1. A hacked website is is bad for your business, no matter how wonderful the site is. I am not a security expert, but all my projects include the following practices
    1. Strong passwords: the nasty ones that we all hate and that make our lives less efficient.
    2. No reuse of passwords.
    3. No sharing of passwords, unless a system only allows for one login.
    4. Regular software updates. This includes server software and your specific website software. If you don’t want to pay for updates, I can teach you how to do it. I won’t work on out-of-date software. If your software is out of date, updates are the first thing we do.
    5. All new software will have a basic due diligence check on its security. If you don’t want to pay for this step, I can teach you how to do it.
  2. Training is the best fix for most poor security practices, but in one or two cases, I have fired clients who refused to follow standard security practices.
  3. I use AVG antivirus software to protect my computer while I work on your site.
  4. I use NordVPN to protect access to your site while I’m working on it.
  5. I stay away from questionable websites that might infect my computer so that your site is not put at risk.
  6. I don’t let other people, who might go to questionable sites, use my computer.
  1. Training you how to maximize the benefit your organization receives from your website is my top priority, along with security.
  2. I work with organizations that are willing to take an interest in how their websites work.
    1. That means that either the head of the organization, an employee or an interested person will work with me on content and business decisions.
  3. I am happy to train you, and/or your staff, to do as much of your own content and web development as you have the time and interest to learn.
    1. Every client situation is different, some have more time to learn and do the work than others. I do the work you don’t have time to learn and do or.
  4. My training process is holistic.
    1. Trainings will be based on specific outcomes needed on your site.
    2. That means that, as we work to accomplish a specific learning task, training will include how that task affects and is affected by user experience, SEO, security, and other factors that make up a successful website.
    3. It is not possible to put 20+ years of training into a few months of work with you and/or your employee. Be patient with both!
  5. Everyone comes to web development with a different set of skills and experiences.
    1. I cannot tell you how long it will take a particular employee to learn how to do everything you want them to do.
    2. There are no extra charges if more than one employee attends the trainings. But, adding more people to a training will increase the time it takes.
    3. There will always be more to learn than what you and your employee think there should be.
    4. You still have to pay for my time, even if your employee takes longer to learn than expected.
    5. Feel free to make a list of the website tasks you would like training for. If you don’t make a list, I will prioritize training according to the needs of your project and what my experience has taught me is most important.
  1. Our relationship is about your website. As a matter of building that relationship, you may tell me about your family, your pets, your computer skills, etc. But, I don’t want to hear about your politics or attacks on specific politicians, no matter what side you are on.