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Montana Webmaster Pricing and Payment Policies

Montana Webmaster Pricing and Payment Policies
  1. Hourly rate: $100.00/hr USD
  2. Data entry with no coding or file work: $30.00/hr USD
  3. Discounts are available for micro-businesses and non-profits
Pricing and Payment Policies
  1. All charges are by the hour, billed by the half hour
  2. Payment is expected within 30 days
  3. If payment is not received within 30 days, work on your site will stop
  4. If payment is not received within 60 days, future work must be paid ahead of time
  5. Your payment history may be privately shared with interested parties on request, especially if your business has honorable practices and need a reference.
  6. If you have computer problems, including not being able to install the online meeting software, I recommend that you stop the meeting and defer to a later time so you can resolve the problem. The time I spend with you is billed.
Hours of Work per Week or Month
  1. If you have us work directly with an employee, you are responsible to pay for work that employee orders and for the training time that employee schedules. It is your responsibility to plan the work time with your employee.
  2. I would be happy to limit the amount of time I work weekly/monthly if you email that information to me.
  3. I would be happy to stop work at a certain amount each week/month if you email me a top budget amount.
  1. We do not bid on RFPs or spend hours evaluating your site for proposals
    1. Evaluating and documenting your site for a proposal ends up being consulting on what work needs to be done on your site
    2. Evaluating and documenting your site is the first step in our paid work
  2. Estimates may be given and will be based on experience from previous projects
    1. Every project (the people part), every website structure (the technical part) and every business’ model (the marketing part) is different
    2. There are systems that will give you a cookie cutter website solution. As you evaluate your needs, this type of service should be one of the considerations. I have actually recommended this in circumstances where the business has a commodity type product line.
  3. Estimates are not a fixed price
  4. You are welcome set a top limit or a periodic limit on the project. We will stop when we reach that limit. Reaching the limit does not mean that we will continue working for free.
  5. New projects start with a site review and documentation. This process generally takes at least 3 hours.
  1. Your site structures and history will be documented in a Google Doc
  2. The Google Doc contains our work notes, and ownership belongs to Montana Webmaster
  3. As long as your payments are on time, you will have access to that document. And, you can download a copy at any time.
  4. We are very happy to train you on how to use the Google Doc