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And Betwixt Them Both, You See, They Licked the Platter Clean

Sometimes, Reducing Food Waste is Just a Matter of Using Food Differently

It starts with this little English nursery rhyme:

Jack Sprat could eat no fat,
His wife could eat no lean;
And so betwixt them both,
They lick’d the platter clean.

Idea 1: to have them licking the platter clean, even if it’s squash! Idea 2: to use everything, including rind and seeds.

Will the Junk Food Kids Eat Squash?

Last Thanksgiving, we had guests with 4 teens, who are used to prepared foods (industrial foods). I had planned to have squash from my Fall garden share. I didn’t change that plan, but I did change what I did with the squash. Instead of savory, I went sweet with a Squash Bake. Even with the amount of sugar cut in half, the guests almost “lick’d the platter clean”.

To cook the squash, I cut it in half, cleaned out the seeds and put it in the oven at 350° for 20 – 30 minutes or until it was soft enough for a fork to easily scoop out bits. I use this cooking method for pumpkins and all types of hard squash.

Don’t Throw Away the Rind or the Seeds

After I scraped away all the cooked squash from the rind with a spoon, I cut the rind into 2 – 3 inch squares, baked the squares in a 300° oven until the bits of flesh left on the rind pieces was no longer soft. These went into the refrigerator for Paco the Dog, with some given as gifts to other doggie friends. Not quite Jack Spratt’s wife, but the idea is the same.

I washed and dried the seeds, which are now growing in my little garden. The problem with the seeds is that I want to eat them.

Don’t Throw Away the Citrus Peels

I’m not sure how Jack Sprat and his wife would deal with citrus fruits, but citrus peels are very useful. Instead of throwing them away, I candy them and use them in many dishes and sweets. Notice that the recipes in the links don’t call for candied citrus peel, I just add them. They do need to be chopped into bits or minced.

  1. Last weekend, I added a half cup of diced candied orange peels in Pumpkin Oatmeal. It makes a great, quick office lunch!
  2. I add candied orange or lemon peels to Scottish Shortbreads. The shortbreads frequently show up in Easter baskets for family and friends.


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