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Cookin’ and a’Codin’: Making Use of your Resources


After juicing the lemons, cut the peels into strips and cut as much of the white pith and section skins off as possible. That leaves strips with mostly the zest and a little bit of white.

What you learned in an old technology, that most people have no use for, is not wasted. Dreamweaver never did make the whole WYSIWYG thing work very well for websites. So, people generally ended up learning HTML and CSS. Definitely not a waste! Also, it was a great introduction for many people into the use of an IDE that can work with many technologies.

I try to start with 4+ lemons. If I don’t have enough to process the peels and freeze them in a Ziplock bag and then make the syrup when I have more peels. Sometimes the peels get used before they are candied!

.. and if you are just cutting up extra lemons, you get the juice too. I often put the juice in little 1/2 c containers and freeze them.

My lemon juicer is a pathetic tool. Besides an overall bad design, it’s too small to fit any of the lemons I buy. Silly me for not thinking that one through. So, the lemons are pretty beat up after they are juiced.

Slice the peels and cut as much of the pith off as is reasonable. A small layer of white left isn’t bad. But the pith is bitter, so getting rid of most of it helps the flavor.

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