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Dorothy Hinshaw Patent: Content Editing Services

Successful writer of non-fiction books for children is available for copy editing.

Dorothy Hinshaw Patent is a successful children’s non-fiction book writer. Between projects, she is available to help you edit your written content.

Comment from one of Dorothy’s Clients

“Dorothy was quick to adapt to my quirky needs and patterns, and understand my long term goals and short term objectives. I like the fact that she is not a food writer, and offers a well-informed lay perspective on my field. The column goes out every week in much better shape than before she looked at it. My writing gets what it needs in the moment, and Dorothy also gently tries to get me to work on some habits that slow me down on a weekly and long-term basis, with the goal of streamlining my process and minimizing the amount upon which I rely on her. Teaching me how to fish, in other words, rather than just selling me fish.”

Ari LeVaux, Nationally syndicated food writer

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