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What Is This Page About?

Graphic art of back buttonLook at your Page from the Viewer Side

Have you ever been invited to Like a Facebook Page, but you couldn’t figure out what the page was about without doing a lot of hunting around? This is a common issue with both social media and websites. What do viewers do? Unless you have a specific reason to be there, like it’s your best friend’s page, you hit the back button!

Looking at the issue from the viewer’s perspective, is the topic of your social media or website message easy to understand at the first glance? If you take a quick look at your page, what message pops out? If someone else takes a quick look at your page, what message pops out? Those messages may not be the same.

Confusion #1: Your Domain Name

A segment of your viewers will try to find you through your domain name. This is not a place to be clever. The point isn’t to be clever, the point is to get relevant viewers to your site. I recently heard a marketer say that it doesn’t matter if you have the product they want; the important thing is to get them to your site. Sounds like a good way to piss off viewers to me.

Pick a domain name that is as close to what you do as you can. In fact, if your domain name is the same as their search, you may be at the top of the SERP for that term. SERP = search engine result page. You can also have your clever domain name pointed at the same site.

I own the domain name thecomputergal.com. It worked for a long time. Most of my work was teaching new computer users how a mouse works, how to use a web browser, etc. They couldn’t remember my name, so they would say, “You know that computergal.” It was also generic enough to fit the breadth of the classes I taught.

But, then I moved into web development. And, that domain name no longer worked.

Confusion #2: That Pretty Picture

Most likely, viewers will look at your images for confirmation that they are where they want to be. A picture isn’t a slot to fill. This isn’t just another class you have to take and check off the list to get a degree. That image is a location for a message, a message that is not ambiguous.



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