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FireFox Discussion and 2018 WordFence Discusses FireFox Vulnerability

What Does a Browser Do?

To understand a browser vulnerability, it is helpful to understand what a browser is. Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge are popular brands of browsers.

But, what is a browser? First, a browser is a type of software that you can install on your computer. Most computers come with one browser already installed, but if that browser isn’t your favorite, you can install the one you prefer. Because their browser is their doorway to the internet, many people think of their browser as actually being the internet. But a browser is actually just a software tool that allows them to request and view websites from their computer.

What To Do About the Vulnerability

WordFence sent out a newsletter today that discusses a recent vulnerability in the Firefox browser.

If you have Firefox installed on your computer, it might be set to update automatically. Firefox released an update that fixes those vulnerabilities on 9/5/18. You can check whether your computer has the most recent version of Firefox.

  1. Screenshot of how to find the About Firefox page in Window
    Firefox menu with asterisk by About Firefox.

    If you have your Firefox set to have the menu bar at the top, go to Help -> About Firefox.

  2. The About Firefox link will open a window that will tell you whether your Firefox is up-to-date.

    Screenshot of About Mozilla Firefox screen
    Every program (app) you add to your computer has an About page that gives you technical information about the program. This is the About page for Firefox
  3. Screenshot of an old Firefox 2018 menu
    This is a 2018 Firefox menu. If your version of Firefox has this menu, it would be smart to update your Firefox.

    If your browser does not have the menu bar turned on, and you would like to have it show, go to the icon with the three little lines in the upper right hand corner, and then go to Customize.

  4. Toolbars can be selected from a dropdown at the very bottom of the page.

    Screenshot of 2018 Firefox Options
    This is a panel from the 2018 version of Firefox that allows you to decide what items you want in the Firefox menu

Why is there a Problem?

When any program runs in your computer, it runs in the computer’s memory. Hackers would love to get into this memory area and use it to control your computer. The most critical problems in the recent Firefox vulnerabilities are the ones that could potentially allow a hacker into the memory of your computer. The update protects the memory of your computer.

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