How to Backup your Website

The reason to back up your website is so that you can replace it or move it. Reasons that you might want to replace your site are 1) in the case your site is hacked, 2) in case your site is broken. You may want to move your site if you are not satisfied with your web host or if your web host goes out of business.

If your Site is on a Web Service

How much of your site you can backup is dependent on who owns the system that runs your website. If your site is on a system like Wix, Weebly, Shopify, etc. your site is running inside their software, and their software is one big engine that runs thousands, and possibly millions, of websites. In this case, your website cannot run outside of their software. The only part of the site you own is the images you have added and the text. In this case, you should maintain copies of the images and text in a place where you can get to them all in a different location than your website.

If you Own or License your Own Website Software

Most likely, your website is made up of files and a database. If you have a static site, you may not have a database. The files and database exist on a web server, which has the software to deliver websites to viewers. In the old days of development, we always had a backup because web work was done on the local computer and then uploaded to the server. Now, much of the work is often done right on the server through a dashboard. That means that if something happens to the site on the server, you need a copy (backup) to replace the problem files and/or database

Click this link for instructions on how to back up the database with PHPMyAdmin.

For this article, we will focus on how to get a copy of the files from your web server into your computer.

Your Host Control Panel May Have a Backup Function

If your host has CPanel, there is often a File Manager tool. The problem with this tool is that it often only allows you to download one file at a time. Since a basic WordPress setup generally has at least 2000 files, this is not a practical solution for a site backup.

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