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Finding a Quiz Plugin for WordPress

Why Would you Want a Quiz Plugin?

Many years ago, I attended a Forestry / Logging conference on behalf of a client. Part of the last event was a game of Jeopardy between forestry students and forestry / logging professionals. It was a jolly competition, but the thing that interested me the most was the software they used to run the jeopardy game. I asked some questions afterwards and found out that it was just a JavaScript running in a browser. They gave me the address to the code.

I used the game for many years in my Web for Business class as a final review of basic principles and terms. It was a fun finish to the 18 hr course.

But, now I find out that the idea of using online Jeopardy has gone from a fun little script to coding lessons to online systems with questions included. And, the whole idea of a quiz has grown into more than a learning tool. Now it’s also a marketing tool.

Marketing Reasons to Want a Quiz Plugin

In one situation, a client wanted me to find a plugin for his WordPress install that will allow him to set up quick cooking quizes. It would make his site more interactive and fun. It would also help his viewers avoid common problems people have when they follow a recipe.

Understanding the mindset of the viewer is very important in this marketing task. Viewers who want a quick recipe find, may not be interested in a quiz. In fact, they may be annoyed by a quiz that’s in their way. So, the placement of the quiz is an important consideration. On the other hand, folks who like to browse cooking sites for fun or to improve their cooking skills are likely to use quizes.

Quizes can also be used to show the expertise of the site owner for viewers who don’t like to read long articles.

Finding the Best Plugin for the Scenario

What is available – and secure – now? Which is the best match for his needs?

What I found was that over 200 plugins match a search in plugin section for “quiz”. It’s not in my client’s best interest for me to look at all of them. For starters, it was important to keep his site secure, so, I only looked at plugins that are compatible with the latest version of WordPress at the time.

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