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Who Set Up the Google Analytics Account?

It is very important to take special care, when setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console, that these tools are in a Google account that future employees will have access to. It’s a common situation for me to find out that an organization’s Google Analytics is in the owner’s Google account or the account of a previous developer or in the account of an office staff member that is no longer with the organization …

And, other times, we never do find out what account holds the ownership of the Google Analytics and have to start over. There is nothing in many of the stat reports that tells who owns the accounts, especially if they are just a summary in the WordPress or some other dashboard. And there have even been times when a staff member will set me up as admin on a Google Analytics account, but then they leave the company. And, unbeknownst to me, the account is not available to others in the organization.  As an administrator, instead of an owner, I can’t set up users to share it back with the company that owns it.

If I have been set up as an administrator, I can set up a share link, but that is not ownership. Or, I can have a report sent on a schedule. But the employee can’t choose which report they receive so the usefulness is limited.

Set Up a Google Account Just for your Business

These issues are common in small business when someone tells the business they should have Google tools, but doesn’t mention the need for being strategic about it. The solution is to set up a Google Account just for business use. If you find that your Google Analytics is in someone else’s account, t is possible to transfer ownership of Google Analytics to that account, if that person is willing and available to work with you.

Are you interested in more on this topic? Let me know, and I will go into further detail!

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