Who Set Up the Google Analytics Account?

It is very important to take special care, when setting up Google Analytics and Google Search Console, that these tools are in a Google account that future employees will have access to.

Over the years, I have had access to several Analytics accounts that were shared with me, but the folks in the business can’t remember what Google account they shared from. As an administrator, I can’t share with others, they can’t figure out where the account is, so new employees can’t gain access to the information they need.

Yesterday, it occurred to me that there might be a way to share without giving that person access to the account. Sure enough, there is a share link. And, I can have a report sent on a schedule. The weakness here is that the employee can’t choose which report they receive. To look at multiple stats, we would have to set up multiple shares. But, it’s better than nothing!

Set Up a Google Account Just for your Business

These issues are common in small business when someone tells the business they should have Google tools, but doesn’t mention the need for being strategic about it. The solution is to set up a Google Account just for business use. It is possible to transfer ownership of Google Analytics to that account.

Are you interested in more on this topic? Let me know, and I will go into further detail!

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