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Never accept the fact that there are default plugins that come with a WordPress install. Be sure that you know what those plugins do and whether you will be replacing them. Here are the plugins that came with my install for

1. Akismet: I have yet to see a WordPress install that did not include Akismet. It costs $60.00/yr and will help keep your comment spam cleaned out. Generally, I don’t activate it (pay) until comment spam becomes a problem.

2. Hello Dolly: This is just a test plugin to show you that you too can create a plugin. I always delete it. In fact, when I start work on an existing site, if this plugin is there, I know that the developer doesn’t do a good job on detail work.

3. I ALWAYS get rid of JetPack. It’s a resource hot. I tell my clients it’s like buying a ShopSmith because you need to cut one board. It takes up a lot of space to do a ton of things you don’t need. It’s best to find plugins that specialize in the tasks you need.

4. SG Optimizer: I will keep this one. Most quality web hosts have server caching to help your site load faster (good for your SEO). But that same cache can cause your child theme changes not to show up when you look at the site. Many hosts offer their own plugin that allow you to clear that cache when you make design changes to your site!

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