Yesterday, I discussed the idea that I want my site to be a resource of categorized web development information. Basically, the Kahuna theme provides many doorways into categories and information from the home page with:

1. Top navigation
2. Feature boxes, set 1
3. Feature boxes, set 2

One of the issues with an off-the-shelf theme, is that there is no way that it is going to meet a set of needs perfectly. Starting from the top left. I will look at the things that work out of the box, and the things that don’t.


The first row is pretty much like hundreds of other current themes: a white row with site name on the left and top navigation on the right.

At this time, I do not want to use a logo. The height of the row requires a horizontal logo. Logos that are very horizontal or very vertical fit in fewer places. And, I’m in the long process of rethinking my logo.

It is my opinion, that if you are going to have a logo, you should have a logo package with reverse versions. I tend toward the thought that a logo should communicate, and not be just an abstract image. To that end, the text both communicates and fits the space provided by the Kahuna theme. So, I will stick with the name Montana Webmaster in text.

But, I do want the text to be larger, even though it is repeated over the image. So, I will have to check whether the theme allows for resizing, or, I will have to do it in a child theme. In this, Kahuna fits my needs in that it doesn’t override the default child theme functionality, where themes like Thesis do.

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