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Building My Site: Should I have a Phone Number in the Banner?

The banner of now has a Contact link and form. Is that enough? What are the benefits and drawbacks of having a phone number in the banner too … where it is easy to use?

1. I have always suggested to my clients and students, that they have a phone number on every page of their website, and preferably at the top, because I know how frustrating it is to try to find a phone number that’s hidden on a website.

2. Displaying a phone number in a prominent place is a signal to viewers that you welcome their call.

3. It’s convenient for viewers using their smart phones to be able to tap your phone number at the top of the screen. (The phone number is tapable with a link:

1. Making the phone number easier to use, means more people will call.

2. That is a problem for companies with has limited capacity cannot take new clients.

3. When people nationwide (and potentially worldwide) do a Google search, if I have done a great job of adding content to my site, my site will come up in the search. This has resulted in phone calls from people expecting free tech advice. This is why my Contact page clearly states what is free and what isn’t.


I think I will just add my phone number in the footer as a compromise!


Many themes have a Footer Sidebar already coded in. The WordPress Kahuna theme comes with 6 “registered” sidebars. Footer is one of them.

So, the task is to get the phone number into that Sidebar.


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