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In a previous post, I reviewed some issues I was having with trying to decide the best way to communicate what I do with a banner image. Part of the problem is that web development is a service you perform in meetings and on your computer … not easy to communicate with a photograph!

So, I thought I would try a slider that portrays small businesses and computers. I like the way the Kahuna theme has the site title and tagline overlapping the main photo (see second screenshot). And my new Kahuna theme recommends the Serious Slider plugin (see first screenshot.) So, I installed Serious Slider even though I have never used it.

… and wasted a hour trying to get it to work, with only a smidgen of success. That is, I finally got one photo into the slider, but it’s the wrong size (see screenshot 3). All further attempts only put me into an endless loop of steps. I have installed many, many slider plugins, so the interface should not be a barrier for me, but it was.

I will change to my current favorite, MetaSlider, but what will go wrong in the process?

  1. Sizing the image was not a problem with MetaSlider, so I had one gain!
  2. But, I couldn’t get more than one slide to show. The rotating action just wasn’t working.

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