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When Technologies Collide, part 1

On my first WordPress site using the Kahuna theme, I created a child theme and added a MetaSlider to the home page banner in the child theme code. I didn’t even bother with the Customizer tools because they are not intuitive

On my second WordPress site using the Kahuna theme, the site has static images on the home page and in the inside banners. Again, the interface is a little crazy because the image is added in the Customizer function called “Slider”.

For, MontanaWebmaster.com, I decided to use a slider for the “Landing Page”.

So far, nothing has worked to switch from the image to the slider in the Customizer:
1. The Cryout Serious Slider could not size correctly.
2. Using MetaSlider and short code (see screenshot 3) resulted in one well-sized image for the location, but it won’t rotate through the images (see screenshot 1).
3. The weird thing is that the slider is also showing on the inside pages in a small size (see screenshot 2).

The Kahuna Dashboard clearly says that, “Enter shortcode provided by slider plugin. The plugin will be responsible for the slider’s appearance.” So, is MetaSlider or Kahuna theme responsible for this strange behavior?

I will post this question on the WordPress.org forums for both the Kahuna Theme and the MetaSlider plugin, and we will see what kind of responses we get!

Looking back, I fixed the issue, but in my hurry to get my site up, I neglected to note what the fix was. I’m sure the issue will come up again.

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